Our telescopes are equipped with premium eyepieces and accessories, carefully selected, allowing an optimal, effortless sight to any target.

T400: Computarized Schmidt Cassegrain reflector MEADE LX200ACF,
aperture 16" (40cm), focal ratio f/10.

Our scope poses proudly in front of the Cerro Tololo Observatory (that "little" dome silhouetted in the far horizon...)

T600: Dobson type reflector OBSESSION, aperture 25" (63cm), focal ratio f/5.

For long it was the largest public telescope in Chile, until we got the following one...

T700: Newton type reflector REGINATO, aperture 28" (71cm), focal ratio f/3.1

Specifically intended for astrophotography, this telescope is operating since June, 2016. Still, this is one of the largest public telescope in the world...

For the record, the largest public telescope in the world is the 100 inches (2.53m) at the Mount Wilson Observatory, California, famous for being the main instrument used by Edwin Hubble.

Telescope provided by italian astronomer Massimo Lucchi

T500: Astrograph PLANEWAVE, aperture 20" (50cm), focal ratio f/6.8

Although designed for visual observing too, this telescope is intended mainly for the Astrophotography programme, together with the Reginato above mentionned. It is also operating since June, 2016.

Telescope provided by italian astronomer Massimo Lucchi

T300: Dobson type reflector ORION SkyQuest, aperture 12" (30cm), focal ratio f/4.9

Available for the amateur astronomers, who'll certainly enjoy the opportunity to push this otherwise excellent scope beyond its expected limits...

Below, the T400, viewing Jupiter, the Moon, and almost aligned the Cerro Tololo Observatory (that tiny black dome silhouetted in the horizon...)

Below, the T630, next to its rolling roof, ready for one more of the deep sky observing sessions.